Virginia Online 8 HR Driver Improvement Course


There are a number of different reasons you might be wanting to complete a Virginia Driver Improvement program. The courts and or the DMV may have ordered you to do so, you might be wanting to gain 5 safe driving points to improve your record, or maybe you want to earn an insurance discount.

This course is the correct answer for all of the above and regardless of what you want to accomplish, we will walk you through the processes required for your specific case.

Reasons to take Virginia Driver Improvement Online:

  1. Satisfy a court order or DMV requirement.
  2. Dismiss a traffic ticket or violation.
  3. Reduce a traffic violation fine.
  4. Earn 5 safe driving points.
  5. Earn a discount on your auto insurance.




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The “End-of-Course” final exam will be taken online upon completion of the 8-hour course. Students may attempt the final exam no more than one time per day. If the exam is not passed, the student will need to return the following day to take the exam again.

The exam will be presented on the final page of the course.

Your completion of the online driver improvement clinic will be posted to your driving record within 24 hours after you have successfully passed the course.

Open-book testing is NOT permitted.

There are no additional fees related to this course.


Customer support can be reached via email at or by phone at 804-248-5672 Monday – Friday 9 am – 4 pm EST. Saturday – Sunday and after-hours support is available via email or the online messaging system.

“If you have comments or concerns about this course, call the Department of Motor Vehicles using the toll-free number 1-877-885-5790“.

It is your responsibility to determine if your court accepts this computer-based driver improvement course to satisfy court-required driver improvement courses. 

Online Driver Improvement Course

Our Virginia driver improvement program is the quickest and easiest way to deal with those pesky traffic tickets, lower your insurance rates, improve your driving record, and satisfy court-ordered requirements. This course is approved for all of these purposes by the Virginia DMV. Not only that, it is COMPLETELY online which means you don’t have to spend an entire day stuck in a classroom just to dismiss a ticket or get 5 Safe Driving Points. With our online course, you’ll be able to…

  • Access the course 24/7 and make use of your spare time the way you see fit. Login for a few minutes or hours at a time and complete the course as life permits.
  • Log into the course from anywhere and any device with an internet connection. Learn from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device!
  • Set your own schedule – progress through the course in one session, or break it up into smaller portions as you see fit.
  • Log in and out as many times as you want – whenever you return we will kindly guide you to the exact page you left off at.

In the state of Virginia, students are required to turn in a certificate to the court and may have to appear in court.  Contact the DMV if you have questions.

Approved by the Virginia DMV

RVA VA is a DMV-approved online driver improvement course that has been developed to meet and satisfy all your driver improvement needs. It doesn’t matter where in Virginia you live, or which courthouse you will be reporting to. Our Virginia DMV driver improvement program fulfills all state requirements in all Virginian counties. This online course will easily and quickly help you to improve your driving record, lower your insurance rates, and reduce your fines and fees all while teaching you to become a safer and more defensive driver.

Our Virginia driver improvement program is the mandatory state minimum of 8 hours, separated into easy-to-comprehend chapters. Each chapter focuses on a specific driving subject and is designed to make it easy to retain the information. On top of that, the course is filled with visual graphics, fun animations, videos, and audio voice-overs that will cover topics such as:

  • Virginia traffic laws
  • The dangers of drunk and or intoxicated driving
  • Driving tips and defensive driving techniques

Upon the completion of the last chapter, you’ll have to pass a final exam in which you have unlimited attempts. If by chance you don’t pass the first time, no worries! We will provide you with feedback and corrections for every single question you missed and allow you to take the exam again.

Lower Your Insurance Rates!

One of the benefits of taking this course is that you may be eligible to lower your insurance costs. Contact your insurance provider to ask if they offer a discount to drivers who voluntarily take a defensive driving course, and see if you’re eligible.

FAST Certificate Delivery

After finishing our Virginia driver improvement course, we’ll have your certificate ready and in your inbox in no time at all! Your completion certificate will be electronically submitted to DMV within 24 hours and we will email you a copy of your certificate of completion at the same time.

NOTE: The VA DMV has explained the court acceptance of online traffic school completions is solely up to the court/judge to accept. To find out more please read here.


Other Terms and Conditions

  • It is your responsibility to determine if your court accepts this computer-based driver improvement course to satisfy a court-required driver improvement course.
  • The DMV is committed to promoting transportation safety through the certification of quality driver training programs. If you have comments or concerns about the Virginia driver improvement course online, call the DMV toll-free number: 1-877-885-5790

How to satisfy a court order or DMW requirement.

  1. When you attend your hearing or respond by mail, let the court or DMV know that you would like to take a state-approved online driver improvement course.
  2. If approved to do so, enroll in and complete the RVA VA Online Driver Improvement Course.
  3. The court or DMV will also determine whether or not you are eligible to receive a 5-point credit for completing your course. If approved and eligible, send your certificate of completion to the court or DMV by the deadline they give you.
  4. Check your driving record to see the improvement!

By checking your driving record with the DMV you can ensure that you received credit for completing your course and that your violation isn’t outstanding. If you were also eligible to receive 5 safe driving points make sure that they appear on your record at that time.

How to reduce or remove points on your license due to a violation.

  1. Contact the county court where you received your traffic ticket and request permission to take a driver improvement course.
    You may be able to do so by phone, mail, or even online. You will need to contact the county to find out what you need to do in order to request permission to take a driver improvement course. If you cannot do so over the phone, by mail, or online, you will need to appear in court on the date listed on the citation to ask for permission.
  2. Enroll in and complete your RVA VA Online Driver Improvement Course.
    The court will give you a deadline date.
  3. You must complete the course and submit your completion certificate before the deadline in order to earn your point reduction.
  4. Check your driving record to confirm the point reduction.

Make sure that your driver improvement course completion shows up on your record, and that you have received your points for completing the driver improvement course.

How to reduce fines and court fees associated with a violation.

  1. Contact your court and request permission to take a driver improvement course in order to reduce your fines.
    While you may not be able to remove points on your driving record based upon your violation – or if you have already taken a point reduction course in the last 2 years – you can still request to take a course for the reduction of fines and court fees. You may do so by phone, mail, or online. If you are unable to do so by those three methods, you will need to appear at court on the date listed upon the citation.
  2. When approved to take the course, enroll in and complete your RVA VA Online Driver Improvement Course.
    The court will give you a deadline date that you will need to submit your course completion certificate by in order to earn your point reduction.
  3. Submit your completion certificate to the court within the given deadline date.
    If you paid your reduced fee up front at your court date, you won’t need to complete any more steps at this time.
    If you did not pay your fee at your court date, you will be informed how much your reduced fine will be and you will need to pay it.

How to Voluntarily Earn 5 Safe Driving Points

  1. All Virginia drivers are eligible to take a driver improvement course in exchange for safe driving once every 2 years. Because you are taking the course voluntarily, you will not have to meet any court or DMV deadlines. Simply complete the course at your own pace and reap the rewards when you are done!
  2. After completing the course, submit your completion certificate to the DMV.
    You can mail it to your local branch or drop it off directly at the DMV office nearest you. We highly recommend dropping it off in person to ensure that it is delivered and processed.
  3. Check your driving record to ensure that you received your 5 safe driving points and that they were applied to your record.

How to save money on your auto insurance policy.

  1. You will need to check with your insurance provider to make sure that they offer discounts for drivers who complete a state-approved driver improvement clinic/class.
    Most providers have the same requirements and accept all state-approved driver-improvement course completions but check to make sure you are eligible to reduce your insurance rate.
  2. Enroll in and complete your RVA VA Online Driver Improvement Course.
  3. Submit your course completion certificate to your insurance company and follow up with them to ensure they receive it and adjust your rate.
    Most insurance companies will notify you when your insurance rate has been updated along with when it will take effect. Some companies will process your discount immediately and your next bill will be lower!
    It’s also possible that your insurance company will retroactively credit you from the time you enrolled in the course! However, most will begin your discount when they receive your certificate of completion.
  4. Enjoy saving money on car insurance!

Visit our FAQ page to learn more.

  • Statement: To benefit from the course, you must be able to work independently and be comfortable with using a computer. 
  • Statement: The online driver improvement course and final test must be completed through a DMV-licensed online driver improvement clinic. No paper test permitted. 
  • Statement: The online driver improvement clinic course is an eight-hour course, including the final test, and is designed to rehabilitate problem drivers. The course must be completed in its entirety prior to the issuance of a certificate of completion. 
  • Statement: Student identification will be verified through-out training and prior to taking the final test to ensure that the person taking the course is the same person taking the final test. 
  • Statement: Customers directed by the Court must provide documentation from the court before safe driving points can be awarded. 
  • Statement: The certificate of completion will be electronically transmitted to all individuals upon successful completion of the course within 24 hours. 
  • Statement: DMV is committed to promoting transportation safety through the certification of quality driver training programs. If you have any comments or concerns about this course, call our toll-free number: (1-877-885-5790). 
  • Statement: The DMV standardized certificate, “Online Driver Improvement Clinic Certificate of Completion (DIC 552B)” is the only document that will be accepted by the Department and the Courts as proof of completion of an online driver improvement clinic 
  • As part of its validation and security log-on screen sequence, the online clinic provider shall display a facsimile of its DMV certificate to operate an online driver improvement clinic in Virginia. 
  • If the certificate is presented to DMV, it must be printed on 8½” x 11 plain white bonded paper. DMV will not accept certificates printed on color or special designed paper or paper with any form of advertisement on the front or back of the certificate. DMV will not accept any certificates that have been altered in any way.