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What You Need to Know to Get Your Driver's License

All the rules and requirements of getting your license can seem overwhelming, but The Driving Teacher RVA in Richmond, Virginia, can help guide you through the process. Students must complete both driving and observation classes in order to complete the behind-the-wheel portion of the state's requirements for a license. All of our classes require a valid learner's permit.

Teen Drivers(16 to 17)

Learning to drive is an important step in a young person's life, and our Driver Training School will ensure they learn how to be safe behind-the-wheel.  Students under the age of 18 are required to complete seven 50-minute driving classes and seven 50-minute observation classes in order to obtain their Driver's License in the State of Virginia. They are also required to complete a 30 hour driver education classroom course through a public/non-public school or a Driver Training School; our school offers the 30 hour classroom course.  Teen students must have a valid Virginia Learner's Permit and at least 30 hours of parent/teen behind-the-wheel driving experience in order to enroll in our behind-the-wheel classes.  See below for details if 30 hours of the parent/teen driving experience has not been completed!

  • The behind-the-wheel classes for teens costs $290 (if 30 hours of both the classroom and the parent/teen driving experience has been completed, teen driver's license included).  
  • The behind-the-wheel classes for teens costs $350 (if they have 30 hours of classroom but have not completed the parent/teen driving experience and does not include the teen driver's license).
  • The comprehensive program which includes 30 hours of classroom and behind-the-wheel classes for teens costs $420 (with 30 hours of parent/teen driving experience completed, teen driver's license included).
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Adult Driver

Driving is often a necessity for adults, and our Driver Training School offers driver education classes that will get you licensed quickly and easily.  Drivers 18 and older, must have a valid Virginia Learner's Permit before enrolling in our driver education program(s). In order to obtain a Virginia Driver's Licence (Adult Waiver) through our school, the comprehensive program which includes online classroom and behind-the-wheel classes (seven 50 minute classes) must be completed. By completing the comprehensive program, it allows you to receive a Virginia Driver's License without waiting the 60 days required by the DMV.

  • The price for the comprehensive program with some driving experience is $475 (online classroom, seven 50 minute behind-the-wheel classes, and adult waiver included).
  • The cost for the comprehensive program without driving experience is $590 (online classroom, nine 50 minute behind-the-wheel classes, and adult waiver included).  This is the Best Option for Adult Drivers with limited driving experience!!!
  •  The cost for 3 behind-the-wheel classes is $199; 5 behind-the-wheel classes is $299; 7 behind-the-wheel classes is $399 (Adult Waiver Not Included) to prepare for road skills test at DMV.
  • The cost for seven 50 minute behind-the-wheel classes with adult waiver is $350 (with proof of 30 hours of classroom completion). 

A La Carte:

$125.00 for Re-examination Course Only

$125.00 for Online Classroom Course Only

Please contact office for registration and payment information!!!