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What You Need to Know to Get Your Driver's License

All the rules and requirements of getting your license can seem overwhelming, but The Driving Teacher RVA in Richmond, Virginia, can help guide you through the process. Students must complete both driving and observation classes in order to complete the behind-the-wheel portion of the state's requirements for a license. All of our classes require a valid learner's permit.

We understand that not everyone has their own car, which is why our school has cars available for the DMV road tests if a student completes at least one driving class. The driving class costs $50, and if you would like to use our car to take the road test at the DMV, the price is $90.

"Learners permit re-exam class is $150"

Young Drivers

Learning to drive is an important step in a young person's life, and our school will make sure they learn how to be safe behind the wheel. Students under the age of 18 are required to take seven 50-minute driving classes and seven 50-minute observation classes in order to get their license in the State of Virginia. They are also required to take an in-class portion as well, which can be taken at a public school or a private vendor, which we can also assist with. Young students must have at least 30 hours of experience behind the wheel to take our classes. Anyone under the age of 18 should have completed their classroom certification before they can be certified for the behind-the-wheel license test. The behind-the-wheel course for teens costs $270. The price for behind-the-wheel and in-classroom is $400.

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Adult Drivers

Driving is often a necessity for adults, and our school will allow you to get licensed quickly and easily. Adults over the age of 18 that have completed an in-classroom course, whether in public school or privately, can be licensed with the same requirements as a teen. Drivers who have obtained their learners permit over the age of 18, can obtain a waiver, which means they do not have to wait the 60 days to get their lisence, by completing a classroom and behind-the-wheel course. The behind-the-wheel course for adults costs $400 (consists of six hour classes) without obtaining a waiver, which means you will have to pass your behind-the-wheel test at the DMV after behind-the-wheel courses are complete. The price for behind-the-wheel and in-classroom is $400. The price for the three 50 minute behind-the-wheel session is $150. There is no pick-up and drop-off trip charge for three 50 minute classes. For five 50 minute classes the trip charge is $15 total and for seven 50 minute classes it is $20 total.

We offer behind the wheel driving classes, in either 3, 5, or 6 classes. The price for 3 classes is $150. The price for 5 classes is $250. The price for 6 classes is $400. The price for 6 does include the cost for your license.